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December 06, 2023

Written By National Mortgage Professional

National Mortgage Professional salutes the mortgage industry’s rising stars

In every profession, the future is written by the next generation. They bring fresh perspectives and new energy. The young deliver a point of view unhindered by dogma nor constrained by convention.

We all know young leaders inspiring others through their professionalism and accomplishments. NMP Magazine asked for your nominations and you came through with a diverse and talented selection of 40 people truly unleashing their talents to better the mortgage industry.

Honorees were selected based on their industry contributions and impact. Some are already top executives while others should quickly see their careers headed there.

Congratulations to NMP Magazine’s 40 under 40 winners for 2023. We know you will be impressed with these young professionals as much as we were.

Chelsea Balak

Vice President of Operations

What motivates you to excel in your field, and how do you stay inspired and driven?
I grew up in a family of strong Italian women, each successful in their career path. It has been important to carve my own path while still adding to our overall legacy. I have allowed myself to step out of their shadows and excel in the mortgage industry.

I stay inspired through coaching and networking. I love to mentor new managers or provide perspective for seasoned leaders.

How do you stay informed and adapt to the rapidly changing landscape in your industry or field?
Pivoting is a skill that I love to flex. I really learned how to do this when wemlo was in the startup phase. We would test a theory, gather data on it, and if the process wasn’t successful, we would make changes. I learned how not to be tied to a process but rather its outcome. If you define success based on the result, finding the right path becomes easier. The ability to adapt becomes easier if you stay up to date on what is happening in the market.

In what ways do you see yourself contributing to the future of your industry or field?
I am a big proponent of visionary leadership and will continue to instill that in anyone I have the opportunity to mentor. I love to “ask what if,” and challenging the status quo will only bring the mortgage industry to higher levels.

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About wemlo

wemlo® NMLS #1853218, is a technology-focused mortgage loan processing company that is reshaping the mortgage broker channel. It developed the first service for mortgage brokers, combining third-party loan processing with an all-in-one digital platform. Its product is marketed and sold to mortgage brokerages and loan originators across the country. wemlo is a subsidiary of 
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