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Boca Raton, FL - September 21, 2022

While many organizations faced the Great Resignation, wemlo®, a technology-focused mortgage loan processing startup and subsidiary of RE/MAX Holdings, Inc., stepped up to meet the evolving needs of today's workforce and was able to effectively attract and retain quality talent. Today, wemlo proudly announces that it has been named a 2022 Top Mortgage Employer by Mortgage Professional America (MPA).

Acquired by RE/MAX Holdings, Inc. in 2020, wemlo is one of the largest processing companies that's solving the #1 problem in the mortgage broker channel – lack of processing support. Since the acquisition, wemlo team members now receive competitive compensation packages and access to robust benefits that are not generally available to processors in independent contractor positions. As a unique solution that helps brokers navigate the changes in the mortgage industry, especially those precipitated by economic shifts, wemlo's business model is resilient. There will always be loans to process, whether they be purchase or refi driven, and that's why employee retention, growth, and satisfaction is its top priority.

"I am a firm believer that the key to employee satisfaction and retention is keeping team members engaged, which I know can sometimes be a tough task in a remote and hybrid work environment," said Chelsea Balak, wemlo's VP of Operations. "The wemlo leadership team strives to ensure every employee knows that they are an integral part of our growth and success. We provide consistent opportunities for our processors to share insight from the field and they get to witness firsthand how that feedback directly impacts organizational change and growth."

In a highly competitive industry, wemlo differentiates itself from other processing companies through its commitment to a positive, inclusive, and empowering company culture. As a young brand in a rapid growth state, wemlo values the diverse perspectives and experiences each team member brings to the table. The company's unique culture emphasizes collaboration, welcomes challenges, and promotes ongoing development. Processors are offered continued education opportunities and reimbursement, as well as professional development learnings tracks customized to each employees' strengths. Because of this, a majority of the wemlo leadership team is homegrown and promoted within.

Take it from Andrea Hinton, a Senior Loan Processor at wemlo, who said, "wemlo has some of the best leaders who truly value us as people in this ever-changing and ever-evolving remote world. This leads to mutual respect and a well-developed culture across the board. The wemlo leadership team makes its employees feel like they are irreplaceable, which is rare in my experience in the mortgage industry. Our culture continues to grow stronger because we embrace our core values. In turn, this helps us create outstanding service and more opportunities for growth within the company and for our affiliates and partners."

The process of finding and recognizing the best employers in the US mortgage industry took place over two phases. First, MPA invited organizations to submit their details through a survey, where they were able to describe their offerings and business practices. Then, employees from the nominated companies were asked to fill out their own anonymous survey to rate their satisfaction with a number of key factors such as compensation, employee development, culture, and work environment. Each company was required to meet a minimum number of employee responses based on overall size. Companies that achieved a satisfaction rating of 80% or greater were included in the Top Mortgage Employers list.

The wemlo team is currently looking for bright, forward-thinking, customer-obsessed individuals who want to help build this exciting business. To learn more about wemlo's career opportunities, visit

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About wemlo

wemlo® NMLS #1853218, is a technology-focused mortgage loan processing company that is reshaping the mortgage broker channel. It developed the first service for mortgage brokers, combining third-party loan processing with an all-in-one digital platform. Its product is marketed and sold to mortgage brokerages and loan originators across the country. wemlo is a subsidiary of 
RE/MAX Holdings, Inc., which includes RE/MAX®, one of the world’s leading franchisors of real estate brokerage services, and 
Motto Mortgage®, the first-and-only national mortgage brokerage franchise brand in the U.S.

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Brittany Johnson
PR & Communications Manager, wemlo